We achieved the goals of a Five-Year Plan!


With the inclusion of our new 4th grade students while continuing with the 8th graders who have had several years of Read to Succeed, we successfully achieved our ambitious plan for growth established in 2013. Our commitment to following the 4th grade students through 8th grade (5 years) while welcoming a new class of 4th graders each and following them has completed a full commitment to provide every 4th through 8th grade student at our three partner schools the opportunity to enroll in Read to Succeed.

In the spring of 2017, Read to Succeed enrolled a total of 335 students as the crowning achievement of our five-year plan of growth (2013-2017). The summer program concluded with a record-breaking 273 students completing the program and earning a $1,000 college scholarship - that's $273,000 and the highest amount thus far. Not only is this the largest student population to receive free books, and complete the program, but also, this year marked the highest rate of completion at 82%, compared to 67% in 2017 and 65% in 2016.

In 2018, Read to Succeed will remain level with its strong enrollment commitment for all 4th through 8th grades at our partner schools. We will set a 90% completion rate goal. This would equate to an increase in the annual scholarship commitment by nearly $50,000.  A second objective for Read to Succeed is to refine the way in which we collect and analyze data related to reading skill growth trends. Initial data analysis is suggesting that Read to Succeed is not only eliminating the summer learning loss but advancing some students as much as two reading levels reading ahead of their peers.

This program growth milestone would not be possible without the diligent commitment of our students, parents and teachers. Our individual, corporate and foundation donors have been essential to Read to Succeed’s ability to fund books and scholarships. All involved and invested in this journey should be proud of all that has been achieved.  

Scholarships Awards


Total scholarships awarded in thousands of dollars (2018 projected)


"It has changed the way I feel because some of the books were challenging and I didn’t know most words. Now, I feel like my vocabulary has improved. Thank you.” – 7th grader