BankRI supports Read to Succeed on multiple levels.

Will provide scholarships grant in addition to financial expertise.

Bank Rhode Island (BankRI) has awarded a $2,500 grant to Read to Succeed, to assist in our 5-year plan to double the number of students we serve. In addition to the grant, Read to Succeed will benefit from the financial guidance of Will Tsonos, who is joining our Board of Directors. Tsonos serves as BankRI’s Senior Vice President and Director of Commercial Banking.

“Read to Succeed is a unique program, unlike any other in Rhode Island, that combines promoting improvements in literacy with an incentive that’s been proven to help low-income students realize their dream of going to college,” said Mark J. Meiklejohn, President and CEO of BankRI. “At BankRI, we remain committed to supporting educational programs and investing in our students’ futures; this is an effort that aligns perfectly with the goals of our charitable giving.”



Will Tsonos of Bank RI

Will Tsonos of Bank RI

Kyle Reichman