McVinney Students Earn $45K in Scholarships from Read to Succeed

Forty-five McVinney School students successfully completed the Read to Succeed challenge to read six books over summer vacation.

Forty-five students from the Bishop McVinney School were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship from Read to Succeed at a ceremony held on 24 October in the St. Michael the Archangel Parish Hall in South Providence.

The Papitto Foundation Co-Chair, Barbara Papitto and Read to Succeed Administrator, David Guertin, Jr., hosted the ceremony with school Principal, Louis Hebert, which included the distribution of certificates and medals of distinction.

The $1,000 scholarships were deposited into individual Rhode Island CollegeBoundfund® accounts, the state's tax-advantaged 529 college savings program.

Students in grades 4-8 are eligible to enroll in Read to Succeed for five consecutive summers. A student who successfully completes the program for five years can earn $5,000 in scholarship funds. The funds are an important resource to pay for higher education- with compounded interest, the value increases over the span of several years.

Read to Succeed, a Rhode Island based non-profit organization, was created to encourage summer reading. This innovative program is offered free of charge to underprivileged students.

Bishop McVinney School, an independent Catholic elementary school, participates in the Read to Succeed program along with two other urban schools serving families in South Providence: Community Preparatory School, an independent school, and Highlander Charter School, a public elementary school.

At the start of summer vacation, a student selects six books from a reading list prepared by her/his teacher. After reading each book, the student completes an on-line test conducted at school and administered by a faculty member. To pass, the student must correctly respond to six out of ten multiple-choice questions.

Read to Succeed is intended to encourage students to focus on attending college. Additionally, it assures parents that college attendance is an attainable goal for their student.

McVinney School is grateful to be among the participating schools in the Read to Succeed program, and grateful for the awards bestowed to the following students:

Fourth Grade: Myles Gardner, Jeanne George, Bronson Pietersz, Mia Reyes, Lianny Sanchez and Jordon Teaway

Fifth Grade: Janjay Barnard, Leeana Borkai, Ariany Dominguez, Jasmine Gomes, Samantha Milligan, Rolene Porkpah, Shailyn Reyes, Isabel Sanchez, Laurica Williams and Darien Peterson

Sixth Grade: Zaniyah Johnson, Isaac Onyejekwe, Derrick Goll, Daniel Aquino, Elijah Fagbote, Tatum Santos, Josiana Sylva and Jameson Whitley

Seventh Grade: Xioribel Acevedo-Soto, Daniela Alvarez, Elon Anderson, Angelica Baez, Samuel Camacho, Kiara Cruz, Omani Cruz, Ivanoskit Fernandez, Gustavo Garcia, Abel Perez, Juan Robles

Gabriella Rojas and Carina Sylva

Eighth Grade: Monjay Newton, Shanely Reyes, Camila Guerrero, Lauvette Williams, Leanne Gomes, Tyler Le, Vethlie Milcette and Emily Bobadilla

Bishop McVinney School is an urban Catholic elementary school serving students in pre-school through grade eight. We promote spiritual, academic, and physical growth in a nurturing environment. We encourage students to reach their full potential, and to live out the Gospel message of promoting peace and building community through service to others.

For more information on the Bishop McVinney School and its admissions program, call (401) 781- 2370 or visit the website

Kyle Reichman